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Hi @rick

BTW, I am in Brisbane and a newbie to all of this. I will share what I know so far and bow to the great experiences to some of the other users.

I have not seen a definitive chart for what filament types to use for different project requirements. All the projects that I have printed use PLA. I like it because of low toxicity and it does what I need.

I have purchased PLA from https://www.bilby3d.com.au/ I tried their Bilby brand and was not impressed; I order some Markerbot PLA from them and it is much better. I have on order a few other brands that they offer such as proto-plasta, prenium, flashforge and colourfabb. I have been ordering the smaller 200g rolls for trialing. I have also ordered a sample pack from www.rigid.ink.

So far the Snapmaker PLA is good. I added a topic to the forum in the not all filaments are the same Not all Filaments are the same

Hope that helps a little