Help with Support Settings in Cura

Hello there :raised_hand:t3:
So i noticed that the surface quality is not good where the support is and i want to improve that and maybe someone has more experience than me and can help me to get a better Surface
Thanks for the help!
Here are the settings i used and pics of the part where support was needed

From my point I don’t think this are big issues.
The problem is, you need a little space between the model and the support, to clean it easily.

Reduce the z-distance 0.15mm.
I don’t know cura well, you should check the tool tip or google the setting “Schnittstelle aktivieren”, Maybe here hides the magic :wink:

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Yeah they are not too bad but yet not clean.
Ok i will try it so i reduce it to 0.1mm?
Hm i wilk look for this setting thanks :wink:

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