Heated bed displays right but not hot

I just got my Snapmaker 2.0 and have printed some items with success. But I have noticed the while the build plate is warm to the touch. It is nowhere near the 50 degrees that the Touchpad says it is. I tested with a basic thermometer and got about 25 degrees. Shouldn’t the build plate be very hot to the touch ?
It does say it is reaching the right temperature.

Check the thermistor wires that measure the hot-end. There are descriptions in this forum on how to add thermal paste to ensure that the temperature is measured correctly.

@ITmaze I’m assuming you are addressing the hot end, and not the bed they are referring to.

@mavsol22 It’s possible the thermistor on the bed is bad. No chance you have a multimeter that can read ohms? If so the 2 middle wires in the plug should be about 100KOhm.

The bed takes awhile to heat up. I’d say if you’ve given it a long time, like 15 or 20 minutes, and it’s still not at temp, you’re going to need to email support to get them to replace it. Could be a loose connection at the controller or something simple, also.

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@brent113, doh. Yes, quick reply on my mobile - that will teach me ;-(

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is this the case at room temperature and hotter or colder will be more or less resistance?

trying to understand how it works exactly, i think that makes sense though.

This resistor is an NTC 100K with a beta of 3950. Plug those values into this calculator https://www.thinksrs.com/downloads/programs/therm%20calc/ntccalibrator/ntccalculator.html

And you’ll get a graph of something like this

The nominal rating of a thermistor is at 25 Celsius, so roughly room temperature

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