Heat bad and defective print module

I have a question.
The print module is damaged and the heating bed does not work either. Can the heating bed heat up with a defective (or not connected) print module?

If the TouchPad recognizes the 3D Printer Module, yes. If it doesn’t recognize the module, then you shouldn’t be able be able to control the 3D Printer Module or the heated bed. However, I don’t know the limitations of the controller. If you connect via USB, you might be able to control the heated bed.

Thanks, I will try that.

The controller has internal protections and if any of them fail it disables the relevant machine functions.

As mentioned above you’re welcome to try it with usb, if it works you’re not going to harm anything. But if the faulty controller is triggering one of the error codes it might not work.

You can connect via USB and query the error codes if you’re so interested.

M2000 S3 will output all current exceptions. “No excption happened!” [sic] is the normal response. Exception Info followed by a list of exceptions would indicate the machine functions are partially or fully being blocked.

I would expect at least a fault code of Didn't detect Executor! since the toolhead (the so called ‘executor’) is not functioning, which results in an action ban of NO_WORKING and NO_HEATING_HOTEND, which disables many of the machine functions.

Since it looks like it’s just disabling the hotend and file playback, however, you might still be able to heat the bed.

Thank you very much for the answer. In this case, the printer module really is defective. A short circuit has destroyed the module.