Good News some things might be improving

As a forum that mainly provides help and guidance when people have problems and so often looks very negative, I thought I would share what I think is some good news. The ordering and delivery system may be getting better.
I don’t want to annoy all the people that have not received their Snapmaker device yet but I ordered mine through the UK agent iMakr on 17 November with a delivery date of “December”. It arrived today.
Interestingly it came by China Air - not a slow boat and when the box arrived it looked almost pristine and not battered like some of those posted earlier on this forum and the Facebook site.
So tomorrow I start the build and to follow all the great guidance and advice contained in this forum.
I would just like to thanks to everybody here for their contributions, I think I understand some of the issues I may find and how to avoid them - time will tell.
I am going to start by doing updates and then some measurements rather than rushing into “the first print”.
Again, thanks for the great contributions from all of you and I hope you have a good Christmas and we all have a better New Year