Generating G-code fails, snapmaker hooks up during slicing

I have a very simple 3D structure made with Sketchup. When I upload it to Snapmaker.js nothing happens and slicing hooks up at 27.6% cyne_kulie_clipper_5.stl (76.7 KB)

My snapmaker version is 2.5.2

Same problem with 2.7.1

I get the same hang on 2.6.1.

The model is so tiny, I scaled it up by 1000% in all 3 axises. I notice there’s some kind of surface imperfection on the straight part:

If I zoom in on the original, I can see it too, it’s just easier to see on the scaled up version. I don’t see that line on the opposite side. You likely have some surface or mesh disconnects in your source model. There was another thread about model problems, and @moonglum suggested using Sketchup’s solid inspector plugin.

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Thank you very much! I did a new model and scaled it bigger. Now everything works :slight_smile:

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