FYI:Source code of Firmware 1.7.0

Many people ask for the source code of firmware 1.7.0, and I will share the file here.
source code


That looks like a fork of . The git repo was stripped though, so I can’t see when it was forked, or how much difference there is.

Any reason you don’t make the github project public? Any chance we can get the source for the v1 too?


At least tell us what version things are branched off of. CuraEngine, CNCJS, Marlin, etc.
It would be real nice to have some kind of a flow chart that shows where all the pieces come from.

Am I correct in seeing in the config files that the version of Marlin is 2.0?

It is branched off of Marlin

Yes, it is Marlin 2.0

We plan to open source the codes after we fulfill all the backers’ rewards.

Yes. You can check this by scroll down the git log, I think it was based on some earlier version back in 2019 June.

We use CuraEngine official build 3.6.0, CNCJS version is irrelevant since it’s been long since we forked, the functionalities are quite different in Luban now.