Fusion 360 question-constraints on 3d body faces?

I know a bunch of people here use Fusion 360, so I thought I’d ask-is there a way to put constraints on 3d object faces for things like “face A on object 1 is touching Face B on object 2” (or any sort of coplanar constraint)? I know this is possible in SolidWorks, but I don’t have access to a SW license.

Not sure what you’re asking for.
Maybe you can re-phrase or use screen captures?


Sure, if I have a model with two object like this:

I want to constrain it so that the face labelled 1 and the one directly opposite are coplanar, like this:

This would mean that if I move/rotate object 1, the second object would move with it (which it currently won’t).

You need to use Joints

I agree with joints in this case.

However, there’s always multiple options.

Another option would’ve been to start with a sketch, and define the constraints on a 2d cross section of squares, and then extrude those into the third dimension.

If you select multiple bodies (shift click their names) and then use move, they’ll rotate and move together and keep their relationship.

You can also combine the two objects to make one new one. (They need to be touching)