Frustrated with the software


I have been struggling with my snap maker laser - I have been trying in vain to print a small jpg file or png file. (250 pixels X 250 pixels) the software just crashes or hangs up all the time. i’ve uploaded the latest software, updated the firmware and installed window and Mac drivers. I have tried running these images on both types of computers all in vain.

Is there another software out there that will enable me to use my laser cutter without having to spend days just trying to print one image. I am trying to print grayscale photo images. it seems earlier iterations of the software worked better…

Any help would be appreciated.


Have you contacted


i’ll give that a shot, Thanks for the suggestion.


I will also pass it onto @Rainie

hang in there help is coming


@center_CCR Sorry about the problem you ran into. The version 2.5.2 do face the crashed problem recently, we are trying to fix the problem but it need some time . We suggest you install the older version like V2.4 at Downloads and Updates. Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any problem.


Aha! Maybe that is my issue too. I’ll give an earlier version a try. I have had some annoying stops in the 3D-printing and was unsure of where problem was. Last now, I had a red stop sign on all buttons, so I figured it had to be the software or maybe usb-powerdown in os. I have also seen problems where I was unsure if it was controller or overheating, but if the software is crashing, that could be it.