Fractal Pyramid (5)

Fractal Pyramid with Continuous Cross-section by ricktu

Printed with base length 100 mm.
Vase mode with 3 bottom layers

Filament: AprintaPro PrintaMent PET-G Basalt Grey

Printed at:
245/240 °C
0,20 mm layer heigth
0,39 mm line width
40 mm/s (1st layer 30% speed)
70 °C bed temperature

Proof that there is no need in extra adhesion on the Snapmaker sticker with the right settings.


Very nice! :confetti_ball: That’s a really good example of the kind of overhangs you can get away with out supports.

I’m surprised that only took ~8 hours to print. I would expect that number to be a lot higher.

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It was more then 7:30 h
I’ve sliced the model with Simplify3D in vase mode - but with 3 base layers. The second one was much faster.
This was my first try on my beta machine. The second try with the stock model with just 2 base layers took about 7:10 h.

Since the overhangs are below 45° it wasn’t even a problem with my PET-G.

I was very suprised how good the first layer was sticking to the standard sticker (approx. 15 prints old) with the right settings. Since PET-G doesn’t like to be squished to the sticker the best steeing for me was a 1st layer with 0,30 mm height. No raft, no brim. No glue, no tape.