Found (minor) bug

When laser engraving finishes, remaining time is “Invalid Date” instead of 0.

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@harmerds Thank you. It will be fixed in next release.

When laser engraving via USB and you do a new preview in the background it pauses the working engraving process.

Thanks for the report. Nodejs is single thread. CPU-critical job like laser preview shouldn’t be allowed. Next release will disable Laser tab while printing. It will be fixed in next release.

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Please just disable the preview button and not the whole page since it is nice to have the preview picture…actually as a preview.

Another thing that annoys me is that if the laser job is done the jog control (in the software) is not working to return to origin or just move to get the lasered part out of the printer.
You have to disconnect and connect again to do so but you lose the set origin.

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  1. If preview button is disabled, all you see is only the image you import into Snapmakerjs? I don’t see a good reason to keep this. Since you can preview use OS’s image preview? Please share more with me. . Get your point after I post this. Yes. Will keep laser tab. But disable preview, generate and export buttons.

  2. Normally, You can still use control jog move axis after print finished. I think what you want to tell me is that The jog pad can’t work anymore after the print ends, But I have trouble to reproduce this problem. Please confirm this. It would be helpful to take a screenshot including “JogPad & Console” to help me locate issue.

  • I can add appended gcode that make sure that return to origin.
  • About auto put the laser part out of the printer It’s hard to do this, because 1. we didn’t have world coordinate. and 2. the stock we use can be vary. It’s hard to describe this behavior in a formal way.

I dont think that “Go To Work Zero” does work but I will check the next time I Change to the laser module.
But this would be very helpful because if you set the laser power too low you can redo the Job with higher power Settings (or split the print on 1 surface in b/w and grayscale to reduce printing time - like for harmerds Pictures (2 more bugs in Snapmakerjs for laser) I would print the text in b/w and the Pictures in grayscale).
This will work anyway but finding the same origin is very hard if you forgot to write down the Position after end of the printjob.

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Checout newest Snpamkaerjs 2.1.1 release
@harmerds [Bug fix] When laser engraving finishes, remaining time is “Invalid Date" instead of 0.


  1. laser gcode generation, return to origin after finishing print.
  2. Prevent doing CPU-critical job like preview & gcode-generate during printing.