Forward looking: Module compatible with Cricut tools

While awaiting my Artisan, I’ve been thinking about a possible future module with Cricut style tool and pen attachment. Enough that I’ve considered buying a second extruder module as a hacking base and print the new mechs on the Artisan.

Dual tool holder. Take advantage of the extruder lift mech to select the active tool. Rework extrude mech to do geared tool orientation.

Easily see doing some nice mixed technique paper art. For example Sheet of cardstock up to travel limits but at least 38x38 with laser cutting, embossing, creasing, and multi-pen drawn piece.

Other practices: ~40x40 vinyl sticker leaving full backing paper, could see some very nice large scale designs.

V2 model: Add a new heated tool wired to the hot end heater circuit, for wood burning or hot carving.

For now, generate the SVG to GCode compatible with being run using “extrusion” mode including tool lifts and extract/retract for orientation.

Just wanted to start the discussion, putting the idea out there.