Football trophies

For anyone that is interested in football (or soccer as it is known in USA), I would like to post photos of a few full scale trophies that I 3d printed on my Snapmaker A350. I found the files on Thingiverse and the total printing time was considerable, but well worth it I think.

First, the European Championship trophy, in time for the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament. The files are at UEFA Euro 2016 trophy by Roy-Harpaz - Thingiverse and to get the full scale size, I increased the scale to 200%.

Then, it’s the Jules Rimet trophy, the original World Cup that was won outright by Brazil in 1970. The files are at WORLD CUP Trophy Football Jules Rimet by rutech - Thingiverse.

Finally, the FIFA World Cup trophy, the ultimate prize in football, with the final tournament taking place every four years. The files are at FIFA World Cup Trophy (Solid Verison) by 3DPrintNovesia - Thingiverse.

I am posting two photos of each trophy. The first is as soon as the printing finished (the different colours of the European Championship trophy are due to the fact that I run out of the blue filament :wink:) and the second after painting them. There is also one photo of all the trophies together (after painting) to get an idea of the scale.

I hope you enjoy the photos.