First printed and painted mini on my A350

After some calibration, testing and useful thing prints, i’ve now finished my first miniature for the next pen&paper game with my friends.
What do you think?


-Atom sneaks quietly by the figure, impressed by it’s beautiful colors but afraid of what might happen if it notices him.


That’s very cool! Do you mind sharing the g-code file and settings you used? :slightly_smiling_face:

sure, need to see where I can upload my code file. The original model can be found here:

Layer 0.1mm, Walls 0.8mm, Top/Bottom 0.8 mm, Infill 20%,
Default 60 mm/s, Infill 80mm/s, Walls 30mm/s, first layer at 15mm/s

Printed with Snapmaker White PLA at 200 (first 2 layers at 205) and 60 for the plate.

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