[First Batch Shipped Out] FAQs of Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module for Snapmaker 2.0

So it was stated, that the dual extrusion module doesn’t need leveling, why is there a calibration card then? I thought this module has some new auto-leveling features.

How many mm are there between the 2 nozzle centers? Is there a picture with dimensions?

I think that they’re saying the two extruders don’t have to be levelled independently, as one seems retractable (or maybe both are, I don’t know). They level to each other, but you still have to level the whole thing to the bed.

Apparently how it levels on the Artisan is completely different to how it levels on the SM2.0, but I’m still unsure on the final z-height thing if that’s different at least.

I really hope they improved part cooling on the dual extrusion module a lot.
The stock module produces horrible overhangs, even the smallest ones turn out awful.

For such an expensive device this is absolutely ridiculous.
I just compared some prints to older Ender 3 prints of my own and I was genuinely shocked at how bad the print quality of the A350T is in that regard.

Yep, we all have been there :slight_smile: See: 3DP Part Cooling Fan 5015 Replacement - That helps a lot, and I can do very nice overhangs now.

Well for now I’m going to wait till I get my dual extrusion module shipped. I hope for such high prices they improved airflow on their own. I mean I can’t imagine they didn’t do different print tests on their own, of course, including some calibration/bench prints.

If the quality is still bad(especially for the amount of money they ask for), this is definitely going to be the last purchase I did here.

it is beyond ridiculous that you buy a machine for thousands of dollars/euros and have to mod it, to just get to a print quality, 90% of the <300$ printers out there came out of the box with.

Same with the laser module. I have installed a modification whereby compressed air is actively blown onto the laser site when cutting. The cutting results are many times better + I can cut deeper materials.

Something like this should be known to Snapmaker and they should either include or at least offer a solution for it. Same as with the air filter.

Is the dual extrusion module compatible the A350T enclosure (there is only one hole in the enclosure for the filament. What about the support with enclosure?

Does anyone know when they are going to start shipping out the dual extruder? I know they said sometime in December, but does anyone have any updates on a specific date?

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From the pictures you find I infer that the dual extruder comes with two PTFE tubes that both go through the hole in the enclosure and will guide the filament and avoid entanglement. The hole itself is certainly large enough for that.

I would also be interested in the delivery date … :slight_smile:

Any update about delivery date of the dual extrusion module?

same question here… ordered it and the side said “shipping in december”, now the side say “shipping in march” :frowning:

my order is confirmed (09/28/2022)

any updates?

EDIT: ok, i‘m looking forward to fir my Christmas present (2022/12/20 - 2022/12/30) but the words „regular price“ scared me a bit, because i used the early bird offer :confused:

@nola7820 @Raptor @jlropes @michaelapp Hey guys, the way to check the shipping date of your order has been updated top in the post. :wink:


Can anyone confirm the pre-order status dialog box works.?

I get the message that the order is not found when entering a 12 letter code beginning with SM

Order not found. Please enter a correct order number and a matching email address.

We’ve sent you a message for more information. Please check. :wink:

Those are the shipping dates. The date that it will arrive would be 1-2 weeks later, which means they are probably using Fedex or UPS Standard International Shipping.

I ordered on Sept 25th, and chased up last week, as 3 months seemed a long time to wait (and it was a Xmas present). I received the following:

We will ship your order at the end of December, you can refer to our Pre-order Shipping FAQ for details.

What’s the deal with moving the shipping date? The date for the original preorder date (9/27/22-9/29/22) to ship used to be 12/20/22-12/30/22. I just checked again and now it says 1/6/23-1/14/23 for 9/27/22 preorder and late February for 9/28/22-9/29/22.

An email communicating this would have been nice, but what’s the holdup?

not cool… just now shifting 2 months :frowning: