Firmware v1.13.1 Issues - POST HERE

@Alan after installing the update, the WiFi code is back to it original state with the added benefit that you can’t log in at all now. So, that means no using the Laser Module Camera until it’s fixed. I don’t exactly know what changes were made to the Enclosure lighting, as it is working exactly as it was.

I’ll check out the rest later, but it looks like some things were fixed, while the WiFi is now completely DEAD!

RIP WiFi :ghost:


@WilliamBosacker lmao what the heck Snapmaker. Just give us the source code for the touchscreen so we can help!

Did you see the part about wrong PID for hotend heat up fix? Wasn’t aware it was an issue?

While the machine is running, I monitor the stats rather close at times. I did notice that the hot-end was varying in temperature much more than it used to, at least +/- 2°C. After the upgrade, the WiFi worked great, until I did a power cycle, at which point it was completely dead and doesn’t do anything if you try to manually log in. However, if you reinstall the firmware, the WiFi magically works. That is until you power cycle the Snapmaker. :face_with_head_bandage:

After power cycle WiFi is working fine here, but the enclosure icon wasn’t initially on the screen, after a minute or two it seems to have appeared. I also see no change in enclosure lighting behavior.

@scyto mine was one of the few that never had problems with WiFi, I’m waiting this one out lol.

in serial console it is repeating “Purifier is not exist.” over and over after doing a home on a touchscreen. (that’s a hell of strategy to encourage us to buy one :wink: )

I know what part of the WiFi issue is, and I reported it to their developers, yet nothing has been done in the 10 months since then to correct it. The very first time that the Snapmaker is used from the factory (firmware v1.8), the WiFi settings are stored in a location that never gets changed. If for any reason you need to change your WiFi settings, those original settings are never changed, and can’t be changed.

Whatever their “RESET” functionality in Developer Mode is, it doesn’t do squat to clear out the storage memory.

that would explain my ‘less issues’ - i have never once changed the settings. That said I still need to power cycle when the snapmaker stops responding to pings, multicast discovery etc - despite being connected at a sta/ap level. We shall see if that’s fixed over time. (there are tons of wifi bugs in Amazon RTOS - unclear to me if that’s controlling the wifi)
(on good news my extruder esteps was maintained as was my M420 V mesh and my K value)

Interesting. I left my Snapmaker powered up, as I wanted to see what would happen long term, thinking that maybe the Enclosure lighting change was a timeout. However, like 3 hours later I checked it, and the WiFi was connected to the correct AP. So, I guess the new SOP for using WiFi is to turn on your Snapmaker ~3 hours before you need to use the WiFi. :wink:

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@WilliamBosacker how long did you wait before you waited for 3 hours?

Around 1-2 hours. I just walked in the check on it after lunch, and I saw the WiFi icon along with AP name in the upper left corner of the screen.

@WilliamBosacker lol sounds like a reconnect on timeout. They probably just added a timeout value and a command to reconnect if it does timeout. If that’s the case, they still didn’t fix the actual problem and put a bandaid on it instead. But I could be completely wrong too since no source code to look at.

Did you ever reset your router after upgrading firmware? I don’t know your configuration so I can’t say either way. I just know sometimes even mine boots a device off the network for no apparent reason and it’ll just try to reconnect endlessly, sometimes “successful “ but still can’t pull up internet or anything, just times out and gets booted off again but all other devices on my network remain perfectly fine. It always has to be reset to let it connect again, quite annoying that router is.

I have a pfSense Firewall Router, fiber Internet, Cisco managed switch, Cisco AP, 3 Dell Servers (redundant DHCP & DNS), and a whole bunch of other stuff on 4 class C subnets. It’s definitely a firmware issue, as none of my other WiFi devices have any issues. The only time any device loses it’s WiFi connection is when I reboot the AP.

And now the INFINITE RECONNECT issue is back, so the machine is again dead. I know for a fact that this is firmware related.

Maybe it’s fine and you just haven’t waited infinitely long

It’s by design(or whatever zero00’s explanation was on that other thread. For your safety or something lmfao)


@brent113 he’s right. It is by design. It’s doing exactly what they designed it to, headache assembly line. :joy:

Ok, Zero got back to me and told me how to recover from the INFINITE RECONNECT!

  1. Connect to the Controller via USB.
  2. Send an M502 to factory reset the Controller. This stops the Reconnect screen from cycling.
  3. Put the Touchpad into Developer Mode.
  4. Go to Experiment / Preference and touch Reset All.
  5. Reload the firmware from USB.

Since everything is now reset, you need to either recalibrate, or re-enter the previous calibration numbers. I did note that the Z Offset was correct again. There is definitely something wrong with the firmware. The questions now is, how long will this last?

I am finding that after many hours of machine on that the com port goes offline (i also note after many hours on my wifi shows connected but the machine is not responding to broadcasts or pings).

Powering off for 15 seconds seems to fix both of these. Unplugging serial port on PC USB and back in also works too for the serial issue).

On wifi, i think there are multiple issues…

So far, so good. I’ve also noticed that the WiFi is now reconnecting ~3-5 minutes after a power cycle. It’s not ideal, but at least it appears to be working now. I need to print a game as a birthday present for an aunt, which will take about a week, so that should be a good test. Hopefully, most of the Gremlins have been eradicated. :cowboy_hat_face:

Glad you have it working, seems like there are at least 3 main symptoms:

  1. for some wifi takes 3-5 mins to connect
  2. for some wifi wont reconnect to previously used APs esp if settings have changed
  3. for some the network stack stops responding (after some significant amount of time - e.g. overnight) to any traffic despite be connected at a STA level to wifi (my expectation is some think it has dropped wifi at this point, when it actually hasn’t)

2 is not fixed and 1 is not fixed.
is 3 fixed for anyone?