Firmware update request to change home position

Is it possible to change the firmware so the home position for the SM1 is at the top of the Z? I want to use a glass bed but not all the time and changing out a plate at the bottom of the Z axis is not the easiest way to do that. If homing were at the top it would allow us to calibrate for a glass plate without modifying the assembly.

The home position is at the bottom because of the micros witch inside the linearmodule.

Maybe it would be the easiest to take the linear module a little higher, with a printed sheet or a metal thing, to not collidate with your Glas bed.

Sure, it would be possible to re assemble the Z axis upside down and then invert the direction to drive, but this would be many more to do…

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There must be a switch at the top too, I wonder if that could be used.

I did put a spacer under the Z axis for the glass bed. The problem arises when I remove the glass. I can’t calibrate the bed low enough for the standard print sheet because of the limit switch.

I guess there is no way to change the firmware. You may find a thicker glass to have a try.