Firmware not loading


I have recently bought this machine(one month before). Used few times only. It was working properly.
Suddenly one day, firmware not loading. Screen struck in loading page. Then I tried to restart the machine, change all the three module. Still same issue.
If anyone had the same problem, please help me to solve.

Since then I am trying to contact customer support in all the ways possible. I didn’t get any response.


Have you contacted the overworked @Rainie ?


Hi @faizal20 the support team should be overwhelmed with emails due to the holiday season. They shall be able to reply you soon. Sorry that I didn’t meet a similar problem before. It would be good if anyone else in the community can share his experience on solving this problem, too.


What firmware file are you loading?


Hi doug,
I don’t know the exact version. It was pre installed, when i purchased the machine.


Hi @faizal20

Go to the Snapmaker Downloads page and download the latest SnapmakerJS for your PC and download the latest Firmware and install it and finally if you are running a Windows operating system download and install the latest driver… Downloads



How can I install another firmware when previous one is not working?

Whenever I switchon the machine, firmware would not boot, struck in loading screen(screen image attached).


The update takes just a few seconds…

Please follow this tutorial to upgrade the firmware:

Or, follow these steps to upgrade the firmware:

  1. Copy the Update.Bin file to the provided USB Disk.
  2. Power off the printer and insert the USB Disk into the USB port.
  3. Power on the printer. If the LED changes as below, the upgrade is successful.
    • The blue LED blinks slowly for about 5 seconds.
    • The LED is then off for about 2 seconds.
    • The LED starts to blink quickly.
  4. The upgrade process is completed.

If the LED doesn’t change as described, please follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure the file system of the USB Disk is FAT32.
  2. Make sure you copy the correct .Bin file (Update.Bin).
  3. Make sure the USB Disk is properly inserted into the USB port. If you are not sure, remove the USB Disk and insert it into the USB port again. The printer MUST be powered off when you remove and insert the USB Disk.
  4. Make sure the .Bin file is put in the root directory of the USB Disk. The controller cannot recognize the .Bin file if it is put in a folder.


Hi mate,
thanks for your response.
Just now noticed,blue LED light is not turning on at all.

It used to turn on, when switching on the machine.

Any help!?


Sorry but I can’t help as a normal user - maybe @Rainie can forward your problem to the right person…


Hi…that is exactly what has happened ! Relieved it hadn’t happened to only me - I hope everyone else it does happen to creates a support ticket to get this resolved ASAP. I have projects I’m in the middle of and now I have a completely bricked interface .