Fine movements of images


Hi All

I made this suggestion ages ago. It would be nice to have the ability to move images In SnapmakerJS with the keyboard arrow keys for fine adjustment.

It would be great to ‘nudge’ and image left or right or up or down. Using the mouse is too imprecise.



Hi doug, as I was using Snapmaker JS I noticed the same problem. It feels like the software is missing an essential feature. I hope they will add it to the software soon as well.


Hi @jkc20 @Rainie @Noah

Yes, it is time to add some fine tuning to the application. To Snapmakers benefit, they listen and do implement rational improvements.

Keep having fun and a great 2020.



You can still modify XY movements on the right side input precisely.
Keyboard shortcut is easy to implement, but what step do you think it is? 0.1mm per press?


It is just for ease of use as with other graphics tools; a 0.1mm increment would be good for nudging an image. Very good when you may have a couple of images that you are trying to setup