Fill engraving in CNC

Greetings to the users of Snapmaker. When engraving in CNC with instalation “Fill engraving”, each subsequent layer is smaller than the previous one in size along the perimeter and as a result, the vertical walls have a slope. Is this problem known and how to deal with it?

Thanks in advance.

What bit are you using?


File - SVG
Processing Mode: RELIEF
Method : Carve
Depth: …
Tool: Flat and Mill…
( Is this the right information?)

The same thing happens by engraving to a depth of with file STL, for example, a cylindrical shape. The walls are obtained in steps with a decrease to the bottom. I don’t understand what the problem is!

The problem is you’re trying to use Luban.
For cnc it’s beta at best.
You really need to use Fusion 360 to have any repeatable success.


Thank you, I will try to install this program.

Nothing to do with Luban. Check the gcode paths in preview, you can see if the plunge is vertical or not. I certainly don’t see that issue with vertical wall engraving. You’re sure you are using flat end mill bit and not a tapered?

Yes, I’m using flat end mill bit and not a tapered. Could you suggest me how to check the code path in the preview to see if the dive is vertical or not?
Thanks in advance.