File names displaying wrongly


When printing from USB some of the files are displayed wrongly. If there are more files than can fit in the first screen, some of the names will be displayed in the second screen.

Firmware Snapmaker-GD32Base-2.7-beta


Can you show us an example? A picture of what your computer shows on the USB drive, and what the snapmaker shows?


Isn’t that the idea of having pages?
How else would you be able to select a file that doesn’t show in the first page?
Perhaps I don’t understand what you mean.

What I have noticed is that the touchscreen will truncate the filenames if they are too long, and that can be infuriating sometimes.
I generally try and keep the names short but descriptive. I’ve also been toying with the idea of adding a code to say if the file is PLA or PET-G and how long the print should take.


Thanks for the answer, I made a video showing what I meant.
As can be seen, the first 2 names displayed do not change when I change screens, sometimes it happens with the bottom ones.
But when I chose the file, it is different than the one shown.


The bug might be related to the number of files on the card. It seems like if I have enough files to have 1 file on the next screen, there are usually issues. It depends on the combinations of files that are loaded on the card.

I have two files:

only one of those two files show up on the first screen and the second one does not show up on the second screen. That is with about 4 or 5 other files loaded on the card. Next time it happens, I’ll provide all the filenames from the USB key so you can try and reproduce it… just know, for now, that this bug has been present for months. I’m surprised you haven’t found it yourself in any of your testing / use of the product.