Filament load button

I think it would be more ergonomic to move the button to the side of the module instead of the front. This would allow a pinching action (thumb and index) instead of pushing from the front to load the filament. The button requires a little force so its difficult to depress without the machine moving on you.


Did you look inside the Module already? This change would force them to redesign the whole Module. Doubt any changes will be made.

so YOU looked inside already…

how about adding a PI board, then a bluetooth wireless switch, which you can place anywhare…?


It’s still a valid point. If any design changes are made in the future it would be worth considering. For example maybe someday snapmaker will design a dual print head module, when they do they might consider designing it with the button on the side due to this feedback. Without such feedback button placement might not even be included in their design process.

my post was more a jabb/joke at sebi1987 than anything else…

yes, better placement would be nice (perhaps i’d feel it more IF I HAD MY OWN)…

just like user contrib’s, perhaps a separate topic for user desires is in order…


YES I looked inside.
The Button is directly connected to the spring-loaded mechanism which holds your filament.
Wireless switch… You’d need at least a strong servo to move that mechanism. Also you have to feel the resistance and play with the button to load filament. So no. PI-board is not a solution. Mechanical redesign of the whole extruder would be. (As I mentioned before)

Any advice on changing filaments?
That is one issue I really struggle with.

Cut an angle into the tip and straighten about 4". feed it through slowly until you see the filament exit out of the extruder. Then release the filament load button.

just a weaker spring would do it, probably, that spring is RIDICULOUSLY overspecced for what it’s there to do

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Hi @whimsycwd @Noah @Rainie

Now that I have printed a whole bunch of projects I feel that I can offer a suggestion for your next Snapmaker version.

The filament feed in mechanism definitely needs a redesign. It is problematic sometimes lining up the filament for feeding through and the button is definitely too stiff to press.

I look forward to Snapmaker II

Take care and have a great week.