Feature Suggestion: 4 axis Laser loading STL

May I suggest that on the luban software with the 4 axis laser engraving there be a way to load an STL as the object rather than just simple measurements of a cylinder?

The replacement of the wood would be nice to match the object in which we design and create to engrave. Another great feature would have it be smart about the cylinder by knowing there is different diameters of material on the same object.

For example, this part is cylinder and needs engraving, would be great to load this into the 4 axis view and match up a zero point so we know which area (not all the same diameter) would be engraved on.

It would also be nice as these parts will always be internally clamped to let the software know this so the red portion would be ignored, this part is only 10mm wide so it fits in the red jaw line area of the 4-axis area completely, but due to it being internally clamped, there is no room to hit or contact.

hopefully these make sense as feature suggestions to improve software.