Feature Request: Import STL for the CNC

I’m not sure where is the best place to leave software or hardware feature request. However, I think it would be a great idea to have the ability to import a STL file for the CNC relief side. Like it could take the STL file, figure out the tool path for it. And then we can see in the software if it will or won’t work.

A few things that also should be added with this is the ability to add tabs. Something where the CNC can’t move the part around freely, but we have to push or break the tabs to free up the part that was just made.

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I believe that you would be able to create tabs in the original model and save it as modelnameWithTabs.STL or something of the sort. If there were to be an addition to the software, it would be wise to allow for the placement of tabs at user-designated points.

Randomly generated tabs may become a pain say, if it were to generate a tab somewhere delicate; break off the tab and the delicate piece goes with it.

Great idea, I think!


I agree, but this could be fixed kinda. You realistically only need a good 1-3 points depending on things to keep the model attached to the wood. But what could happen is the user could point out where to put the tabs. Like it could say, select the areas for tabs. The user could select 3+, and this will fix most of this problem.

There is tab option in CNC mode, where you can set tab width and tab depth to generate equally distanced tabs. As for the 3D model for CNC, it’s been our todo list for a long time. Hope we manage to get it done this year.

Thanks for your feedback! Feel free to post feature requests here http://forum.snapmaker.com/c/snapmaker-luban (since we renamed the software to Snapmaker Luban).

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