Feature request for the controls section


Just a few ideas:
I was thinking it would be helpful if we could control the temperature of the bed/nozzle from here instead of having to code it in the software/print.

Adding a “cleaning function” for the nozzle and the bed separately where we can raise the temp and clean them off seems like a useful addition.

Thats all I have for the moment. Everything is working great so far!


There’s already a function to heat up the nozzle: Change Filament. If you don’t actually push the button and move the filament, it just heats up the head to whatever temperature you want. I agree that a “heat bed” function would be useful for releasing prints.


Thats what Ive used so far. Just seemed like a cleaning/care section should be added. It would probably also help remove prints if we could heat the bed back up afterwards.


A “cleaning function” or “preheat bed” would be useful. Currently I use OctoPi to preheat the bed and nozzle.


Hadn’t heard of that. Looks interesting.
Still, we should have something built in so we don’t have to rely on 3rd party workarounds.


I agree about having it built-in. I use OctoPi for remote printing and monitoring. However preheating is a feature, so just letting everyone know it is available.


A filament feed button would make changing filament much easier. A button that when pressed would push some filament out of the end to clear out the nozzle of the previous filament. It would also help for those of us that are using flex filaments as they are much harder to load and it gets annoying having to retry a print several times just to verify that your filament is loaded correctly. it also helps in situations where pushing the filament through the nozzle by hand could damage the filament.


I’d like to see a “Status” screen/page added that has more information on it like:

  • File name
  • Current print time
  • Estimated print time
  • current Z height
  • Feedrate
  • Lines of GCODE so far
  • Bed & Nozzle temperatures.
  • Messages sent to the controller via M117 commands
  • Buttons to Cancel, Pause, or Resume the job.

Perhaps others could chime in with things they’d like to see there too.


That’s a lot of info for such a small screen.


It would be helpful to switch on the console between “elapsed time” and “remaining time”.


I need the Change Filament Screen to allow me to go to a lower temperature if I desire. I want to do a cold pull of PETG at 130 degrees (It’s not really cold, but that’s what they call it, anyway) If I use a different filament I want to be able to do a cold pull of that to help remove as much material from the extruder nozzle as possible before loading new material in there.

On my other 3d printer, I had a bunch of PLA crystalized in the print head because I couldn’t do a cold pull (their extruder gears don’t have an engagement spring that I can push against to clear the gears out of the way)… and that crystalized PLA was a HUGE pain in the butt to get rid of. I finally just had to burn it to the point that it broke down and push it through.

The Snapmaker’s design allows the filament to be pulled out at a luke warm temperature so that the filament releases from the nozzle walls but still comes out as one piece.

I also would like to repeat the request for bed calibration to be done with a heated bed setting. Let me specify an 80 degree temperature for my bed calibrations. Display what ever warnings you feel like you must display, but the bed calibration changes in a big way between hot and cold. I can command the bed temperature manually with a USB cable and a computer, but that is cumbersome. Let me specify bed temperature during bed calibration and show me the current / commanded temperature when using that option during calibration.