Feature request: Feedrate compansation for spindle slowdown SM2

Not sure wheter this goes here of in the Snapmaker 2.0 section, but here goes;

Would it be posible to have the firmware check whether the spindle is maintaining it’s speed and else have the feed rate slow down a bit to allow the spindle to speedup again?
Right now when cutting harder wood if there is a harder section the spindle will sometimes lock up, forcing a very low stepdown (and very high cutting time) to make sure there’s enough overhead to compensate.

For wood and foam cutting (which is basically more grinding away than chipping) this might avoid the spindle freezing up if the cutting load is to high. It would also help with tool or material deflection.
With plastic (and metal) this would probably mess up your chip load and lead to over heating of the tool and/or part. So it should probably be an option and allow for a certain percentage of slowdown.
Or even better, slow the desired tool speed down to maintain the same chipload for the new feedrate.

OR at least have the machine stop when a spindle freezes/significant slowdown is detected in stead of trying to push the spindle trough the material. Which then either makes the machine miss steps of move the workpiece. (thus losing the orgin position halfway though an operation)

The tablet has a live spindle speed readout and the feedrate can be over ridden, so the machine should in theory be able to monitor and adjust (for) the current spindle speed.

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