Expectations for the Next Version


I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I’d love to see more filament options.

I’d also love to see some more settings, as I’ve moved to Cura due to the fact that I can adjust more settings for the prints with it.

I’d also like to see more live data in Snapmaker3D :smiley:


That’s driving me mad:

I change temperature settings, name the setting “XY” and export to a file “XY.snapmaker3dfile”. I restart the application, choose custom settings “XY” in the lower dropdown field, all settings I changed are updated but not temperature, it defaults to 50°C/50°C. I import “XY.snapmaker3dfile”, it appears as “import#1” in the dropdown field, this time with the changed temperature settings 70°C/80°C. I restart the application, choose “import#1” and again no change, default to 50°C. I import XY.snapmaker3dfile", it appears as “import#2” with changed temperatures. Ad infinitum…

So I always have to manually import a settings file and after 5 imports I have to delete the former five files from the dropdown to be able to import again. Very uncomfortable.


Is it possible to heat up the nozzle during calibration in the near future?
often there is a little filament nose on the noozle and i can`t get it of before/during the calibration.
i think maybe at 120-150°C it would get easier and with a heated nozzle the calibration is exactlier.


You could just select the button for changing filament and let the nozzle heat up and then exit that feature and do a calibration. It is important that there isn’t any filament sticking out the end of the nozzle when doing calibration.


Right. You may need to remove ooze until the nozzle cools down sufficiently to stop oozing.

I personally think that calibration should be done at the bed temperature you plan to use. That would take thermal expansion of the bed out of the equation.


The thermal expansion of Aluminum is .00024 per degree C (at 20 C). x 60 C = .0006. That times the thickness of the base which is 3mm(?) is about .0017mm which isn’t much to worry about. Now if the carriage is heating up too it might make more difference. I’ll have to stick my dial indicator on it and see if it changes significantly while heating up.


Some suggestions:

  • Direct Drive Improvements for Filaflex
  • Hardened 0.8mm nozzle for composites
  • Nozzle to Bed Distance sensor for error prevention, calibration, 2.5D scanning and laser engraving on 3D surfaces.
  • Print bed with better adhesion, for example GFRP board (see the Velleman K8200, it is wonderful)
  • Expansion kit for larger print volume

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John here,
I suggest being able to print more than one file at a time, as long as it fits the build plate. Like in Cura or Simplfy3D.


Little Bugs: (win 7)

  1. if Snapmaker is the focus app, and you use the scroll wheel over another app (Firefox), Snapmaker reacts to the scroll wheel.
  2. EVERY time I start SnapMaker, Windows asks if I want to let the program modify the system.
  3. If the SnapMaker window isn’t a LOT wider than the settings screen, the help for the settings is truncated by the edge of the window.
  4. Once I’ve Clicked on Preview - there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get back to just the model view.


Feature Requests:

  1. It would be nice to be able to have a “center on bed” button.
  2. A way to return to model view since Preview mode can be VERY VERY slow. (oops, put that one in the bugs)
  3. It appears that any changes to settings do NOT take affect until you’ve clicked on Preview. If you change something, and immediately Export - the export won’t have the change. (sigh, should have been in the bug list)


As far as software and UI goes, anything more like Cura is good.
Printer/material/user profiles, plug-ins, scripting, fantastic!
To keep it simple, it is good to implement a mode switch between Beginners vs. Power Users or even different types of makers such as the Photoshop deck arrangements.


Yes please. This is basically why I use Cura instead of Snapmaker3D. Cura has some more complex settings that I don’t necessarily have to use, but the duplicate feature is a must.


Version 2.4.5 can do this (duplicate):

From Downloads and Updates:


Could we get the feature where the tool tip for changing the values of a new 3D printing profile tells you the minimum and maximum values for that specific setting like the snapmaker3D software had?

for example when changing the infill density it would say at the bottom “0-100” or when changing the layer height it said “0.05 - 0.1”

I found it really helpful, especially when trying to troubleshoot why a print is failing.


Snapmaker software JUST THE BIG CHANGES I WANT

  1. I want to be able to click OPEN then click on a NETWORK SHARE to load my object. ALL my objects are on a NAS device… I have to click NETWORK then NAME OF DEVICE then SHARENAME then FOLDER to get to my objects… I want to just click on the E: SHARE . It wont work when I do that.
  2. Support control - even if its just control enough to delete some after its generated.

Those 2 things and I am happy


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I am doing a lot of trial and error with the 1600mw laser module. Would it be possible for the output .nc files to capture the settings that have been configured for each engraving/cut?

for example a .txt file with the same file name that has:
type - B&W, Greyscale, Vector, Text
image name
size mm
White Clip
Work Speed
Dwell Time
-pass depth
Fixed Power


I would be happy to find defaults for PET-G filament, not only for ABS and PLA. And some custom buttons for one-touch loading of saved, individual parameters.


Will Snapmaker3D continue to be developed or has it been officially superceded by SnapmakerJS ?


JS sent 3D to the archives


It makes sense of course.

For a total newbie however it only makes for confusion. The download page should really mention this or perhaps Snapmaker 3D should be removed and placed in an Archive.

I’ve noticed that the development is quite fast … the documentation is hard pressed to keep up.