Expectation for the Next Firmware

Tell us what you expect the touch screen or controller to have or to upgrade in the next version. The more needed functions are more likely to be developed first. Thank you!


Few things that come to mind:

  • To prevent burn-in on the screen, move the text around on the touch screen when it goes to sleep.
  • Ability to turn off fans on the modules and controller when the printer has been idle for a set amount of time. Maybe turn on the fan automatically when needed during idle, but it doesn’t have to be on all the time.
  • Full support for host controllers like Repetier or OctoPrint.
  • You are already working on this, but worth repeating: pause functionality.

Snapmaker team, thanks for reaching out to the Snapmaker community. Keep up the awesome work!



  • firmware version in the ‘about’ screen or at boot
  • a preset position for ‘load filament’ instead of having to ‘jog’ to the correct position

thanks :slight_smile:


do you can add a pause menu? because with smaller problems, the print must be canceled, or even in the middle of the print to change the filament, we would need a pause menu!

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The ability to stop the print from the touchscreen even if the Snapmaker is controlled from the PC?


For me it is more important in the operation with usb, but why not per PC.

Because I have a somewhat unpractical setup with the display (tv) in a different room than PC and Snapmaker :slight_smile:

Exactly what I wanted to say, so 2 votes! Please give us just one button (like the button for homing the axes)that will put the axes in position to load filament instead of having to jog jog jog jog jog jog jog. Thanks!

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I’m not sure if this is supported, but it would be nice if the screen supported M117 commands for live progress percentage viewing when printing via USB.


It would be nice to see the print on the screen instead of just the file. Maybe even have it show what is completed. If we could wirelessly connect it to an App on the phone or computer, could see the progress and be alerted when the print is finished or has an issue without physically seeing the printer.

Ability to sort files into folders. I like things organized! Also, have the files alphabetical instead of sorting by when last added.

Ability to send designs wirelessly through computer. I know we’d need WiFi and/or bluetooth but could be added!

A time to completion countdown. It shows it on Snap3D so why not on the printer?

When changing filament, have it jog to the correct position - would be SO much faster.


@rossome2648 Being able to send the files wirelessly is already possible using OctoPi. Search this forum for OctoPi. There’s at least one thread on this subject. Some of the Snapmaker users (including myself) are already using/experimenting with it . More information at OctoPrint.org. I think you will like what it can offer.


Thank you for the suggestions! All your suggestions will help us make the Snapmaker better and better!:wink:

The latest firmware (2.1) already has this feature.
Please go to Settings > About, and you will see the current firmware version.

Thank you and keep having fun!


I had that same problem and haven’t heard anything from snap maker . the led on the back would start flashing blue and red at the same time . I metered the power to the nozel heater and found 24 volts dc then I homes the heater had like 1.26 Meg ohms . so i am wondering how many more of us backers have this problem ?

Here is a couple from me:

  1. Emergency Stop Feature on the Touchscreen. (Hold Two Fingers Maybe?)
  2. Elapsed Time and Progress Bar to work when connected via USB on the Touchscreen.
  3. Nozzle and Bed Preheat functions, so when you load a new print immediately after you don’t have to wait.
  4. Again, Pause function would be teriffic. I know its probably everyone’s own wish already.

Loving the printer so far though. Works great!

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@Rainie Would be really nice to add an automatic turn off when the machine has finished printing/cnc carving/lasering. So you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off.


I’ll second the “Sleep after X when idle” setting. prints take a while, so starting a print then heading to bed is probably a common occurrence.

WiFi would require hardware, but if there was support for a dongle via the USB port (where you would put the USB drive), that would be acceptable.

Some manual controls would be good for testing modules. I’ve only used the 3d one as i’ve had mine for all of 1 day, but being able to manually set and enable the bed temp is something I’ve wanted to do for several reasons. Since it looks like each axis has a limiter, it would be good to have control to do a Min/Max to move things out of the way. Or allow you to hold the jog button (instead of pressing each time, I assume there are interrupts for press/release from the touch pad).

And I’ll also second the “idle” screen to move the text around. Since some 3d prints take a long time (days in some cases), having the screen sit there for that long would generally be bad for the screen. Unless that was something tested and it showed this particular screen was fine, make the test scroll or bounce or appear and disappear in different places. Not sure that’s even needed IMO. I know the thing it working stuff since the module is still doing stuff!

The rest are good suggestions though, like pause.

EDIT: 1 other thing that might be good on the screen is an ETA for completing the print. So far since I have this in a separate room and just printing away, i’ve been printing just from a list of files from the USB stick. I work remotely so am on the phone frequently and I can’t have this in that room with me to monitor it during work (I tried, it’s quite loud and is heard!). I periodically check on the current print, but a % done and a current run time doesn’t automatically net me an ETA without some math.

the ETA should likely be calculated. You could stick it in a comment or something from the generated gcode, but that kinda blocks out other slicers. It doesn’t have to update often, even every like 10% of the print it could update. But since the screen it updating pretty often you could update fairly often.


Please fix the calibration. (Bug in the calibration)

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I mostly use the USB drive to print from, so a lot of my suggestions are around that:

  • Support for Folders in the USB Drive
    Folders don’t show up for me. I’d like to organize my files.

  • Support for Spaces in File Names in the USB Drive
    When files have spaces it screws up the display, I often have to double tap a file to get it to print, and often the name in the list doesn’t match the actual file.

  • Files Sorted by Name
    Files don’t seem to be sorted by anything. It’s kind of by name, but not really. Maybe it’s by the first couple letters. Whatever it is, my files aren’t in order.

  • ETA on Screen
    You’ve got a percentage, and you’ve got an elapsed time, but who really cares who long has elapsed? I want to know when my print will be done. I have a print that’s been running for 2 hours and 45 minutes and is 72% complete; do I have time to watch an episode of a show? Even a rough estimate (remaining_percent * elapsed_time / completed_percent) would be helpful, otherwise I have to do this in my head.

  • Extrusion Test Print During Calibration
    I try to get my calibration as high as I can with it still sticking to the print bed, to avoid the first layer squishing. During calibration, a quick test print that just does a couple large circles, squares, and diamonds would be great for verifying my calibration is good. I have a test file for this, but I end up going back and forth a lot and it takes a long time due to the bed temperature cycling.


@Rainie thanks for the opportunity to provide ideas. For me, a function to have the bed heated to a particular temperature for calibration would be good. I like to calibrate the Z-Axis before a print with the bed as close to the printing temperature as possible.

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@Shaftway I believe the files are sorted by last modified or created dates. I always find the latest files I put on the drive last. I agree that an alphabetical would be much more useful sort. Being able to have a couple of options would be nice!

I like the calibration test idea! Probably what would be good to accomplish that would be a button on the calibration screen that ties to a file on the USB with a specific name. like “snapmaker_test_calibration.gcode” or something so people can use their own files for whatever calibration is needed. Obviously probably some simple built in thing if the file wasn’t found, since not every has/uses the USB drive, but good to have the option.