Exhaust is nog strong enough

Is there a solution to get e better exhaust? The hose should be over 4meter. this is for the existing fan too long. Is there someone who has an idea to solve this? During laser cutting of wood, the vapour stays in the enclosure. It smells too much.

One option is to put an inline booster fan. You can print out two sides and screw a PC fan in the middle, like this: Printables

Which by the description, was for exactly that, increasing static pressure on the snapmaker exhaust for longer tube runs.

EDIT: Thanks @Ronsky10, I’ve thought about doing it for awhile, but now I’m actually doing the thing. Ordered a 120mm fan + DC power adapter and currently printing the in-line mounts.

Go to Amazon and research “4” inline duct fan” and find solutions from $25 to $90. I run an 8 meter 4” exhaust line to a dryer vent siding fitting across my basement with the fan plugged into a power strip that also controls my BBP… turn on the BBP and the fan automatically comes on. I actually share this with multiple machines using a 3-to-one 4” connector with blast gates at each of my 4” inlets to control where suction is taken. Works great.

I also tried this, but returned the inline fan. It was way too loud.

It would be great If someone has recommendations for a real quiet inline fan.

You can just use a computer fan. Just want to make sure it’s one for “high static pressure”
I use a Noctua NF-P12 120mm 1300RPM Premium Case Fan. Printed out ducts/adapters to attach it to a dryer vent hose. Nice and quiet. Works great. Haven’t killed it after two years even with lots and lots of cnc dust.


This sounds fantastic.
Do you think I’ll get a better exhaust with the 140 mm version?

I thought about trying this one right before you pointed me at the noctua. What do you think about it? Amazon.de

This is my actual solution. But it’s not sufficient.
Since the last laser project, I’ve really had enough of my office smelling of smoked bacon for days.

No idea about the Cloudline. I had looked at those when I built my enclosure but ended up with the Noctua and perfectly happy with it.
I’m not sure the 140 would improve anything. The 120mm version is the same size as the ducting.

Oh alright. Looks like you have a custom enclosure which is not as leaky as a sieve or like the snapmaker one. For the snapmaker enclosure, you need a super powerful fan to prevent smoke leaking from the enclosure sides

I built this to pipe (plenum really because flat, and not room for piping) it up into a tupperware box packed with both normal filter media and some charcoal sacks. Added a 2nd fan on the ‘output’ end to help make sure it worked well but didn’t bother with the inline super loud high flow ones.

Seems to work pretty well. Lasering plywood now I get a pleasant little level of leftover woodsmoke, not acrid trashfire level of stench. Lasering slate I can smell nothing at all.

The air inside the enclosure seems fairly clear, maybe it helps that I have a ‘gap’ at the forward bottom edge of the enclosure where it hangs over my desk a little bit as an ‘intake’ slot. I do get some leftover smoke residue on the stainless linear rail covers and of course on the cutting surface itself that I have to clean up later.

Also remember that the air you evacuate has to come FROM somewhere. If the enclosure is too tight, all the fan can do is create a bit of negative pressure. If you have an inlet on the opposite side of your laser than your outlet, room air can come in, grab some smoke, then get blown out the window.

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I bought a bathroom exhaust fan to put inline. I 3D printed an inlet flange so that I could attach a hose to it. Plenty of cfm and very quite!

I went with the cloudnine (AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller, EC Motor - Ventilation Exhaust Fan https://a.co/d/dksrLoW) and at full power it’s barely louder than the machine (I have the old noisy rails but it’s in an enclosure that does a decent job of dampening the sound). You can also turn it down to half power, but I find that at full power it sucks up all the smoke, and it’s in my garage so I don’t particularly mind the noise (the original PSU was considerably louder than the cloudnine).

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Thanks this looks like a perfect solution. I ordered this fan and started building the piping under my desk.
I will send some pictures when it is working. :wink: