Example files and settings for the latest software features


Here are the image files and Snapmakerjs settings of the showcases related to the latest software features. You can check out all the showcase videos in this Kickstarter Update as well:

Faster Grayscale Engraving
Example files:

laser-line mode-cat.nc (2.7 MB)
laser-dot mode-cat.nc (8.1 MB)

Mode A
Line (Normal Quality)
Material: MDF
Time: 60 min

Contrast & Brightness:50%
Algorithm: Atkinson
Density: 9
Jog Speed: 3000 mm/minute
Work Speed: 1000 mm/minute
Fixed Power: 60%

Mode B
Dot (High Quality)
Material: MDF
Time:100 min

Contrast & Brightness:50%
Algorithm: Atkinson
Density: 9
Jog Speed: 3000 mm/minute

Dwell Time: 5ms/dot
Fixed Power: 100%


Camera Aid Background
Example file:

Material: Mirror acrylic
Time: 20 min

Fill Density: 20
Jog Speed: 3000 mm/minute
Work Speed: 3000 mm/minute
Fixed Power: 100%


CNC Relief Carving
Example files:

Time: 19 hours

Size (mm): 32x32
Target Depth: 3mm
Step Down: 0.2mm
Jog Height: 3mm
Stop Height: 10mm
Invert: √
Jog Speed: 800 mm/minute
Work Speed: 300 mm/minute
Plunge Speed: 500 ms/dot


Multiple-Model Laser Engraving & Cutting
Example files:


Total Time: 60 min

B&W Engraving
Jog Speed: 2000 mm/minute
Work Speed: 2000 mm/minute
Fixed Power: 100%

Vector Cutting
Jog Speed: 2000 mm/minute
Work Speed: 130 mm/minute
Multi-pass: 2
Pass Depth: 0mm
Fixed Power: 100%


Multiple-Model 3D Printing
Example file:

Time: 18 hours

Material: PLA
Printing Settings: Normal Quality
Adhesion: Skirt
Support: None



Jade you are a true gem in sharing this. Well done

Have a great weekend



Thank you! Howard did a great job in making most of these showcases. I love the cat for showing the feature of Camera Aid Background, and the clock for showing the multi-model operation. They are so clear and nice :smiley:

Is there a timeline for the next software release that will include these features?

Maybe they are in this new snapmakerjs. . . my apologies if this is not a useful post. I am “catching up”, so to say.

These features are already included in the latest version of Snapmakerjs. You can watch the sample making videos in this update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/snapmaker/snapmaker-the-all-metal-3d-printer/posts/2447894
Download the Snapmakerjs here:
Downloads and Updates

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Quick question, if I upgrade to latest software version do I have to upgrade the firmware?

So far I’m getting consistent results with a very old software+firmware (never updated!) and I’m afraid I will have to face new issues while upgrading :smile:

I’m mostly interested in the CNC/Laser functions of the new version (as I’m currently using Cura for 3d printing)

Thanks for the setting idea for Laser Engraving but… Cant Print with 5 dwell so i go 70 dwell but so slow but its look Quality