Ever had one of those days

Hi All (@Rainie @Daniel )

Doug the newbie here. i have a robotics project and it is made of many parts. I have designed and printed over 20 bespoke parts to use on the project with my Snapmaker.

Well I just acquired a small processor, a Raspberry PI3 B+ for my project … and a huge smile came over my face… because I knew that there are many available case designs on Thingiverse, or I can design and print my own

The one of those days… is happiness … in knowing that using my Snapmaker addresses my challenges with ease… Thank You Snapmaker… best investment I ever made.

hahaha, this is not a paid advertisement… how many other users are getting great benefit from using their Snapmaker. I would love to hear. I would hate to think it is just like a spanner that you only use on occasions for one thing.

In between my project prints, I do other things… I currently have a lithophane print going on in the background while I work.

Keep having fun.

Doug :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:


You going to run OctoPrint on it?

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Hi @Tone

Heavens no, This little baby is going into my RoboChair and will be connected to an Indoor Positioning System UWB Beacon from www.estimote.com and will be used for indoor location and navigation of my RoboChair.

The Robotics group at Estimote are building me a test system to load on the Raspberry, which should be ready in the next few weeks. The Raspberry will be connected to my small HP Pro 608 G1 tablet PC running Windows 10, onboard RoboChair and runs my software. In short, it will take x,y coordinate data from the Raspberry on where it is located at any point in time in my home and my software can direct RoboChair to go to different locations. BTW, the direction will be controlled by eye gaze in using an Tobii EyeTracker 4C… just look at a point displayed on a floor-plan on the tablet PC screen and the RoboChair will go there

hahahaha No Octoprint stuff for me.

Have a great weekend.


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Why not? It’s dead simple to set up and, with a camera attached, it’s great to be able to monitor a print while on the go, especially if it starts messing up and you want to kill it to save filament.

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Hi @TheBum

Just jesting, I am a retiree and up to my neck with robotics R&D and have enough technology to play with.

The printer is fantastic because it has allowed me to make a number of bespoke parts for my project. Being retired, I am always here to monitor the system, If I were working elsewhere and mobile, I daresay I would look into the Octoprint setup.

It is good to know that such aids are out there.

Have a most fantastic weekend.