Error: Unable to generate G-Code for this model


can-not-generate.stl (182.9 KB)
I was able to generate this .STL from, but when I open it in the latest version of Snapmaker and hit the Preview I get the error “Unable to generate G-Code for this model”.
Does anyone have any idea? I can add shapes to the item and it will generate code for the shape, but not for the logo.
Thanks in advance for any help.


Dear Paul
Try to make thicker walls (0,8 or 1,0 mm maybe work). I think Snapmakerjs can’t handle single wall extrusions well. I tested your model with Simplify3D and tere I have no problems.


Copy of Empty Syscon.stl (631.0 KB)

Hello Michael,
Thank you for the suggestion. I followed your recommendation and the item now prints with no problem.


Is Simplify3d worth the money? Of course I have the software provided by Snapmaker, but would anyone recommend Simplify3d? Is the output better?


If you want to dig deeper into 3D printing Simplify3D is worth the money!
Snapmakerjs is a free basic tool that works for the basic needs.
You can download Cura for much more options on a similar UI.
But for me Simplify3D is the top class software for 3D slicing! It’s a very powerfull tool…

Since you have many more options the output can be better than with the provided Snapmakerjs.


Most of the users are not capable such errors due to several restrictions. To overcome these errors Sign In 0x87dd0006 they need some fruitful suggestions to sort out easily.


skip snapmaker for slicing and use cura.


Skip cura 4.1 and use Cura 4.2 Beta. It had lots of bugs for me. The beta works as well as 4.0. . .