Enhancement request

I would like to make this request for enhancement.
While in the middle of a 3d print job you can pause the job.
Can you give the option of changing the filament at this stage?
I cannot find that option during the pause step.
This would allow me to change filament color in the middle of a print job which I think would be a cool option.


Short version: you can set up filament changes by manually editing the g-code, and there will be support in a future version of Luban.

I followed the directions provided with a test model and when it reached the layer to make the filament change my machine locked up.
I could not pause or stop the session, so I tried unplugging the machine to see if a restore function would work - it did not.
I had to cancel to print job to get the machine back to normal.
I am not on the current firmware version - would this be the reason for my failure in this working for me? I’ve held off upgrading the firmware from the things I heard how it affected the LED power. Please advise.

The command was only added recently, so yes, having older firmware is a likely reason for it not working.