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It does say “export successful” in the middle of the screen after about half a second. But the popup fades as fast as it appears, so you need to look in that second^^

Maybe a little more dealy to fade-out might help.


Thank you for your suggestions to make Snapmaker3D better. Here comes the latest version. Your feedback is always appreciated. =)

Change Log

  • Enhanced the ability to slice.

  • Added Color Scheme to preview different parts of the print, such as the shell, infill and travels.

  • Added compatibility with high-resolution screens. @richard @jschmid1

  • Added Undo, Redo and Reset buttons for easier configuration.

  • Added built-in models to save your time if you are not sure where you can find a model for testing.

  • Added parameters such as “Z Hop During Retraction” and “Z Hop Height” for some complicated models; Added “Initial Layer Height” and “Initial Layer Line Width” to help the print stick to the heated bed.

  • Bug fixes.

Snapmaker3D for Mac OS

Snapmaker3D for Windows 64 bit

Snapmaker3D for Windows 32 bit


@walker @Rainie Do we know when Snapmaker3d will add multi part print support? For example so I can add and print 6 stl files at once. That is the #1 thing on my wish list!


Dec. 13: V1.5.3

Change Log

Bug fix for connection problems with new machines. Software of V1.4.3 and V1.5.2 can’t connect to new controller. Please upgrade the software to this version if it can’t connect to your Snapmaker.

Snapmaker3D for Mac OS

Snapmaker3D for Windows 64 bit

Snapmaker3D for Windows 32 bit


Hi, jstncrft:
We will add the important feature in version 2.x a few months later.
I estimate it is about three to four months later.
Developing the feature of supporting printing multi model files is really complicated and takes lots of time.
Have fun with Snapmaker.


I have been working with Limited Edition 011/200 system Snapmaker 3D Printer V1.0 Snapmaker 3D software 1.5.3 on Windows 10. I have been out putting all of my G Code files to a SD as when I am working with the 3D Printer model and Snapmaker 3D software I can not connect to the printer using a USB Cable. I can connect to the printer using Snapmakerjs but while that let me manipulate the hardware it is not really a 3D printer control software application.
Cura 15.04.6 also has difficulty connecting to the Snapmaker 3D Printer even though it will connect to my Printerbot Plus 3D printer so I have focused more on the functionality of the printer and software using the SD.
I have discovered that Snapmaker 3D 1.5.3 Slicer software (and other Cura_SteamEngine 2.7.0 based slicers) place the following lines in the G Code output files:
;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.7.0
M190 S50
M104 S230
M109 S230

;Start GCode begin
Unfortunately if the M190 is left like this the file will not print. Instead it will hang on the line that contains the heated bed temperature.

The only work around I have found is to place a ; in front of this line effectively comment it out. Then the file will print.

The same issue seems to occur with files I generate using Cura 15.04.6 and Cura 2.


I don’t know if I just missed it…
But wasn’t there a Linux-Version of Snapmaker3D somewhere?
I found the SnapmakerJS one but 3D is missing?


Hi, Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenient.
It seems that there are two issues:

  1. Snapmaker 1.5.3 have compatibility with beta(first 200 unit) (SD card version), Please use old version software to work around for now, We will fix it in coming release as soon as possible.
  2. It seems that your heat bed didn’t work as expected, Could you tell us that is it heating? M190 wait the bed to heated. You can remove this command to print it without head-bed. It’s a konwn issue that our previous package might broke the head-bed in accident. If that is the case, @Rainie will sent you a new heat-bead.



Snapmaker3D doesn’t have a Linux-Version.
Snapmakerjs does.

Advance notice
We won’t have Snapmaker3D Linux-version in short-term. But in Long-term, We plan to implement more feature into Snapmakerjs, including 3D Printing feature. finally we will get a 3-in-1 software which has Linux-Version.



David I rolled back Snapmaker3D (Windows 64) from version 1.5.3 to version 1.5.2. Prior to installing version 1.5.2 I happened to look at the installed software in Setup menu of the target Windows 10 Home Version 1703 64 Bit OS and noticed that when Snapmaker3D version 1.5.2 had installed it had not uninstalled the previous versions of Snapmaker3D. Versions 1.4.3 and 1.5.2 where still installed. I went ahead and uninstall all versions of Snapmaker3D, rebooted and then installed Snapmaker3d version 1.5.2. While the computer and Snapmaker3d recognize when the USB cable to the Snapmaker is plugged in to the computer it will Snapmaker3d 1.5.2 can not connect to the Snapmaker for direct printing. Printing exporting to an SD works. Using a laser thermometer I was able to measure the temperature of the heated bed during printing operations. The bed temperature varied between 78 and 83 degrees C. While Snapmaker3D version 1.5.2 custom menu provides capability set the bed temperature to 0 degrees this is not output in the G Code file. Modifying the extruder temperature does work.


David I did some more testing this morning this time attempting to print using the M190 G Code command to control the heated bed. If the M190 command is in the file the printer will stop execution on that line even though the line instructs the printer to heat the bed to 50 degrees C and the bed has heated to 83 degrees C the printer never advances beyond that point. Here is the G Code file and pictures of the printer control panel plus the temperature measurement of the heated bed after 10 minutes.

GuitarPick_w_Hole.gcode (81.0 KB)



  1. About “Snapmaker3D version 1.5.2 had installed it had not uninstalled the previous versions” .
    I had fixed the issue in the latest version of 1.6.2 .
    For example, the version 1.5.3 will be uninstalled after version 1.6.2 installed.
    But you should make sure using the default setting of installer. Do not change the default installing folder.
  2. About "Snapmaker3d 1.5.2 can not connect to the Snapmaker for direct printing"
    I recommed using the 1.6.2 version which modify the part of connecting.
  3. About "Can not print after modify G Code"
    I judge that the heated bed had broken.
    I had added new setting param of “Enable Heated Bed”.
    You could use Snapmaker3D version 1.6.2 and disable the heated bed, then the printer will work without heating the bed.

Thanks for your feedback which helps to make Snapmaker better !


I noticed that there was Snapmaker-GD32Base-1.2 posted to the Download section on 19 Dec 2017. I downloaded the file and attempted to apply the firmware update to my 011/200 Snapmaker Limited Edition machine using the included text instructions and video posted on I am using a 16GB SanDisk SD for the firmware update. Even after reformatting the SD to make sure that it was formatted as a FAT32 device and that Update.Bin was the only file on the SD the firmware update still did not execute as described in the text file.


David, I sent a photo of my heat bed to support and received a prompt reply that a replacement heat bed would be sent.

I have been printing with the 0 degree setting, but i have found that even with that setting and raft as the selection, i need to keep the heat bed plugged in for a while. My heatbed does heat up to about 176 as read with an infrared Flir Camera even though the temperature is not reported back to the control module.

When I start a print without the heat bed plugged in, the print base starts to warp and the print job has to be aborted.

. When it is a far along as in the picture, there is enough structural integrity to unplug it.

I anxiously await the working heat bed, but I wanted to confirm that the bed does heat up and it’s heat is needed with certain print jobs.

Finished product… stereo_proj_small_preview_featured|628x472


Hi John,

Sorry for the late reply. Please detach the heated bed after you power off the machine. Check if you can see the little black thing at the bottom of the heated bed next to the port. This will help us decide if we need to send you a new heated bed. Thank you!

The upgrade file on the Downloads page is for machines with the USB Disk. You don’t need to upgrade the firmware using this file.

Best regards,


@Rainie hahaha That is why I love this forum, your technical description of the Little Black Thing… makes you just just like us. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Keep having fun



Dec. 21: V1.6.2

Change Log

  1. Added new features in the Custom mode so that you duplicate, remove, import and export settings from previous modes (profiles). You can also rename the profile as needed.
  2. Added the new feature that the nozzle and the heated bed can be heated at the same time. About 40% of waiting time is reduced.
  3. Reduced the deviation of the estimated printing time.
  4. Changed how messages and the loading procedure are displayed.
  5. Added the following parameters: “Enable Heated Bed”, “Initial Layer Print Speed”, “Initial Layer Travel Speed”.
  6. Bug fix: fixed connection problems when using the USB cable to print.
  7. Changed the way of using the mouse to control the model. Now hold down the left button to rotate, the right button to move and the middle button to zoom in or out.
  8. Improved the ability to parse .obj files.
  9. Other improvements on interaction and UI.

Snapmaker3D for Mac OS

Snapmaker3D for Windows 64 bit

Snapmaker3D for Windows 32 bit

Also, from now on, this topic will only for Updates of the software. If you need to report bugs or discuss the functions of Snapmaker3D, please go to the corresponding topics under this category. Thank you!



Jan. 30: V1.7.5

Change Log

  1. Reduced usage of CPU and GPU and increased loading speed when loading heavy models.
  2. Added the digital certificate to the software. Users will not receive warnings anymore when installing the official software.
  3. Improved the way of displaying messages.
  4. Changed the printable area to 125 x 125 x 125 mm.
  5. Bug fixes and more.

Snapmaker3D for Mac OS

Snapmaker3D for Windows 64 bit

Snapmaker3D for Windows 32 bit

If you have any suggestions to the latest version of Snapmaker3D, please go to Bug Reports and Feedback for Snapmaker3D V1.7.5 and share your thoughts with us. Thank you!

Snapmakerjs v Snapmaker 3D

Jun. 13: V2.4.0
Change Log
Snapmaker3D has been migrated into Snapmakerjs in the latest update. Please check out the details at: