Dot-matrix automatically inserted on SVG imported pictures



just a few days ago, I used the laser-module to engrave a text on wood - I imported an SVG-vector-graphic for this.


Automatically, a dot-matrix-square was added to my paths. What is this for, can this be switched off in any way? Sorry, but I did not find any information in the manual or such…

thanks in advance for any help,


The dot matrix probably is invisible part in your SVG file, you can open your SVG file with text editor and remove that part.


hi parachvte!

i have imported the svg-file to adobe ilustrator (the same program i created it with) as well as inkscape. in both applications the dot-matrix-square was not displayed. i have looked at the NC-file with a text editor and here the square is probably present (because it is written by the machine), only that one cannot see and delete it easily.

any more ideas to this?


Just a suggestion, try to cut wanted image and paste in new file. This could solve the problem. I had similar issues and was solved by this.


thx parachvte - i couldn’t find any hidden layer…

…BUT i found out that by saving the file as a SVG 1.1 or SVG 1.2 TINY (in adobe illustrator CS 3), the dot-matrix-square does not show up anymore.

anyway i still don’t understand what this is for…