Don't engrave anymore


I engraved about 50 cards with a small writing (4x1.5 cm) at the next incision the laser seems to have weakened and did not engrave anymore. Already at focus I see that it does not have the same intensity. I updated to the latest software version (2.5.2) but nothing changed, I also downgraded to the previous version (2.4.6) but nothing. I set the power 100 (usually 75) does not affect anything.
What may have happened??? Help because the cards I am printing are the favors for a friend’s wedding.
Thank you


I’m definitely not an expert, but considering that you managed to engrave quite a few already, I don’t think it would be on the software side (or even user end).

I would try/check:

  • laser power settings (never quite figure how those work, how to save,etc… maybe it got set to lower power but application still shows at a high value)
  • slower work speed + higher power settings
  • cable connections (maybe something is loose and giving issues?)
  • power supply (degrading/failing and not able to provide full voltage/amp required)
  • different laser module (maybe you have a spare or know someone with a snapmaker around)
  • If out-of-warranty already + you know what are you doing, opening the laser module to check individual components (visually, multi-meter, other tools)
  • Contact support to see if there are any other troubleshooting.


Hi and thank you for your suggests.
the strange thing is that 20 seconds before it had engraved everything very well, each incision takes about 2/3 minutes. The next incision nothing to do…


@Kagliostro71 We suggest you fill in the warranty request, and attach a video or several pictures of problem and describe the problem in details.
We will transfer several questions to you from our engineer later and instruct you to locate the problem.
The more detailed your description is, the fewer questions we will have, Thanks.