Does "Build Plate Thickness" setting actually do anything?

I have been experimenting with my new J1s, printing with ABS and HIPS. After initial success printing PLA on the textured side, I have flipped the build plate over, and am now printing with ABS on the smooth glass, with various adhesives.

The first thing I noticed after doing this is that the L print head drags on the plate when printing near the front edge center. This is despite leveling and re-checking the XY calibrations. When I tried applying blue painter’s tape to the bed, the head gouges up the tape.

I have measured the thickness of my painters tape with a micrometer, and it is 0.12 mm thick. I have set the “Build Plate Thickness” setting to its max, 5.5 mm, and it is still doing it. In fact, there does not appear to be any change in the print head position with a setting of 4.9 vs 5.5 mm. The default setting was 5.1 mm.

After setting the thickness to 5.5, I saved the setting, and re-booted the machine. The thickness still says 5.5, but the print head still won’t print far enough off the bed to use painter’s tape.

It seems that the Build Plate Thickness is set in the firmware, and changing the value from the control panel has no effect. Has anyone else seen this?

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Sorry, I cannot check that on my J1 since it does not run on the original controller any more. But if I remember correctly (must be buried somewhere here in the forum), the print plate thickness setting only gets applied when doing a calibration. :thinking:

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