Discussion of Snapmaker J1 Firmware Updates

I also confirm having problems with

  • retraction of a lot of filament at the beginning
  • old files that aren’t printable any longer or not printable in copy/mirror mode
  • long parsing times
  • wrong time calculations since the update

Happened after updating from 2.3.6 to 2.5.13

BTW: has anyone of you ever tried to copy a file back to USB drive? I can see the file but It has no size and I can’t open or edit the gcode file. Mac OSX doesn’t even show the file. I can only see it on Windows.

Hello, I’m on firmware 2.6 and am having some frustrating issues.

  • The left extruder will often ram against the left side of the machine when homing, this happens consistently when starting a print after powering the machine on if it was homed when it turned off.
  • Whenever stopping a print that ran into an error (previous problem, clogs etc.) the touchscreen is stuck on the print dialog even after hitting stop.

These two things have practically make the machine unusable to me and I’d really rather find out if there’s a solution instead of returning the printer. I don’t believe the second problem happened when I was running 2.5 firmware but am unsure if the ramming issue is new or existed before updating to 2.6.

Any help is much appreciated!

EDIT: I found out the issue of the extruder colliding is from the filament tube being bent downward and getting in the way of the homing, I’ll have to figure out a physical fix for this.

Dear SnapMaker team,

it would be great to have a proper printing thumbnails on the machine! I know, not everybody does it like Klipper or Prusa, but to see at least something which is close to the “on-board prints on the J1” (maybe even adjustable in position?) with matching colors would be very helpful!

Thank you very much in advance!

@Jade @Riskey
Hi, do you intent to keep Open Source firmware for Snapmaker J1 up-to-date regularly?
The only version of Open Source firmaware is v2.2.11, the actual binary version is v2.6.2.
Thank you for your answer.