Discussion of Snapmaker J1 Firmware Updates

This thread is for dicussion of the Snapmaker J1 Firmware Updates.


since the update the x motor start a scratching noise when moving over 150mm/s.
Is there anything known?


i say it with the Words from Mechanikus, a Forum Buddy here:
he has find the right words for Needed updates. Thank you for that. ,

Now add

  • a “never show this message again” switch to each warning message,
  • some user-defineable temperature preset buttons as suggested above,
  • manual setting of nozzle size as Jade showed a while ago (unless that is implemented by now?)
  • manual correction of the xy autoleveling,
  • z moves down to z=0 instead of z=5 to easily allow manual z level fine tuning with the bed knobs and the card you supply with the printer,
  • a possibility to manually enter the glass bed thickness which then allows us using our own buildplates and
  • a simple command line to enter Gcode commands into the printer via Touchscreen and read the response from Marlin as the Duet board features (which then should allow changing Marlin firmware settings permanently for more sophisticated user interaction)

and then I am happy :wink:

In case anyone wonders why I do not chime in when it comes to remembering temperature: I did not find a case yet when this happens that is not caused by the gcode of the file to be printed, and IMO that one always needs to override manual settings. Otherwise you would need some really complex logic to cover all cases when or if the print file should be followed or not. Have fun programming such a thing…

and some thing that i will find very helpfull to havewhen you move the bed or heads will
a line on the Screen when you in the Move Mode where you can see the Position Distance (mm) in every Axle

may u need do vibration compensation again.

why with this firmware always the light dimmed to 58 Percent. Thats very Annoing

Thanks for citing me there, but you could have mentioned my name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But that saves me from copying that post from the other “firmware request” thread in here.

@Riskey: may I suggest to pin this thread as well - and block the “Firmware release” thread for user comments? Then that one will be kept clean, and users will (hopefully…) see that thread and use it instead of creating another one. Thanks a lot by the way for adding that information here!

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Im sorry I new here. I keep that in mind and keep clear there

done it.

Sorry that i forgot this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your advice! Done it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the lights prom printer always automatically dimmed to 58 percent. Please correct it to 100

If you start preheat extruder and bed and leave the menu they will set all off.
Please correct it too

If I will set the fan speed on a running print to other speed the printer overwrite it.
Please correct that too.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

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These are actually not bugs but matters of feature designs. We’ll sincerely consider these suggestions. :wink:

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I like to see how that printer grows with you and gets better. I like the forum here and the way how to make things better.

Great to be here ands nice to help make that J1 grows :slight_smile:

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Got the same here, it’s like a growlin or yelling sound.
Heard that something will brake the motor.
Strange sound

The printer overrides settings like nozzle temp and fan speed, i can understand why this to an extent but it would save me from having to restart my print just because i wanted to turn the fan off but forgot to do so in the slicer settings or if i decide the material temperature is too hot in the middle of the print.

i dont know if this is a firmware issue but after updating my printer and not changing my slicer settings, the tool change doesnt work. T1 slams into T0 and then they both move back and forth without printing.

While I understand the logic behind this request, I would not like the printer to ignore any subsequent changes of nozzle temperature / fan speed defined by the slicer. This makes things complicated however. Should the printer switch back as soon as there is a change? Should it consider the manual change as an offset to the slicer values?

Just as an example: as soon as there is a bridge, I let Cura fire up the fan to a higher speed than for the rest of the print - and I want to keep that value that way. This would however collide with what you seem to suggest. I have to admit I do not see a way suitable for all use cases, Therefore I vote for the way e.g. the Duet electronic does it - add a pin button for the temperature / fan speed value (default value: not active) in the printer display UI which does the following thing:

  • as long as the slicer does not change temperature / fan speed, the manual value stays as it is
  • if the slicer changes the temperature / fan speed and if the pin button is not activated by the user, the slicer value overrides the manual setting
  • if the slicer changes the temperature / fan speed and if the pin button is activated by the user, the slicer value is ignored.

Another improvement suggestion, albeit a rather big one: add a web server to the printer which lets you

  • monitor and control the functions you can monitor and control on the printer screen from any device that has a web browser
  • upload files
  • select a file and start the print
  • and see the advancement of the print

I am thinking about something like the Duet Web Control. Here is also a link to their Github repository which might save you significant work.

The Duet even offers a command line interface, firmware updates and creation and editing of macros (which are basically Gcode files that can be executed directly and can also be called from within another Gcode file using the Reprap M98 command) via the web interface. Marlin lacks that “call” command, but the currently closest equivalent would be a similar editor and firmware support for M810-M819 - each one of these commands can store and run a macro.

As far as I know, this would be a rather unique feature which would clearly set Snapmaker ahead of other manufacturers - apart from the few Duet-based printers out there, I don’t know any printers that offer such a web interface, and none of those is an IDEX printer.

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The number would be a significant improvement, a quantum leap…

Indeed it is - this is why I am still thinking about whether I should leave the J1 as it is - or if I should simply throw out the electronics board of the printer and replace it with a Duet as I did with my old printer, even if that would mean quite some additional work.

Coming from the Duet, the J1 has a much nicer touchscreen, and the mechanical parts (which are the main reason why I bought it) are absolutely great - but I have to admit that the firmware behind all that beautiful UI design feels… well… a little clumsy in comparison to the flexibility of a Duet. And the network features are by far the worst software aspect of the J1, hence the suggestion.

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Well, Snapmakers have to give it a little time.
I think the developers will be interested in that.
The only question is how complex the whole thing is for Snapmaker and how the effort should then pay off.
But I think this would open up the market for Snapmaker even more.