Different settings in one file?

Is there a way to do two different types of laser settings in one file? I would like to engrave a name for a luggage tag, and then cut out the shape of the tag. I’ve done this with the Glowforge, which lets you choose different power settings for different colors in a design. Any way to do this with js?

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Been wondering the same thing and would love the ability to do so.

Being a newbie at laser engraving, I thought the RGB config settings was Global config for laser cutting. I thought it would be a silly newb question.

Red = cutting
Green = Engraving
Blue = Marking

Hopefully some more experience/expert users can advise.@Rainie @Noah @doug


Thanks for your feedback!

We’ve thought about this before, but even with the ability to use different settings for different colors you will have to use different colors when you were drawing the image. This is a big limitation since it requires you to think about the final effect of engraving/cutting from the very beginning.

Won’t it be better if we can select part of the image (segments or shapes) and then configure its setting separately? On our roadmap for a while, but we need to correct the SVG parser first…

Hi @parachvte

Thanks for taking time to reply.

I am not aware how other users design their product but I would know my final product output before uploading it for cutting/engraving.

I guess if you are making 1 custom engraving and undecided of the output.

But If you have the final design of the product and are doing cuts and engraving in batches(multiple of the same). Less re-calibration will be required if you do all in one file…


I would certainly prefer having the different settings in one file; as someone else said, it keeps the risk of misalignment to a minimum. I would think that being able to specify which color goes with which power/speed setting is not terribly complicated, but then again, I’m not a programmer.


I had a huge machine and the software worked as follow
, you do your final drawing and then it had a lot of different colours
at which you have to select each line of a few lines with
different settings, and this worked well, sure the programmers
are able to do this?


Being able to load a grayscale image, then select parts of it in different engraving steps,
by loading the gcode, engraving that part of it, then going back to the ‘load image’ screen to
reselect just part of the loaded image to engrave on the next pass, would be a huge help.
This would effectively allow me to “touch up” parts of the image that didn’t engrave correctly
for whatever reason.

Hello everybody,

I am new here but have a Snapmaker 1.0 for a short time now.
I encounterd the same problem that it didn’t regonized the diffrence between engraving and cutting with the colored lines. But after some experimenting i found an workaround for this. First you have to split your SVG file in two parts, one for the engraving part en one for the cutting part. No load the first file into Snapmakerjs and make the correct settings for engraving and create a Gcode file. (and save this). Now do the same for the secondpart. After that open an texteditor and open both nc files, then you have to copy and paste the cutting part directly under the part of the engraving and save this file. After that you can upload this file into the workspace and when you run it the Snapmaker will first engrave and then cut your object in sequence.
(as example i had set the engraving to 85% power and cutting to 100% with 2 pass at 0.4 mm depth)
It worked really fine. (plywood 2 mm)
I shall send an example file (based on 3 svg’s) as soon as i’m home from work.
So you can see how i did this.

Regards, Johnny

I am sorry can’t upload files yet.
To new user.

Regards, Johnny