Delivery confusion

Hi, there!

Lately I received an E-Mail where you guys asked for my EORI-number.
I never heard of such a number and did some research.
In my country, only companies need an EORI-number.
Since I am a private buyer, it shouldn’t be a problem if you just send my printer without said number.
I didn’t get any reply, when I sent back a Mail, stating just that.
So my question is:
Will you actually send the printer? Or will there be a problem?

I’m really looking forward to my Snapmaker and since you guys had to delay the delivery pretty often (for good reasons),
I just want to avoid any further delay.

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Hi there,

The EORI number was claimed to be needed for deliveries to Germany and France. However, after further research and evaluation, the product can be shipped without this number. So don’t worry. We’ll send the printer and there won’t be any problem.
Thank you for your remind and support!

Best regards,