Death whistle - thin walls?

I found an interesting model on Thingverse: Death Whistle
Has anyone tried to print it yet?
I tried diffrent settings and I allways get holes in the model or top layers bend in.
I use Snapmaker3D SW with:
-scale 130%
-layer height: 0.2
-Wall thickness: 2mm
-Infill: 80%
-Speeds: 20mm/s

Does anyone know what seetings should I use?


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There is a config file, on my computer it’s at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Snapmaker3D\Snapmaker3D_Data\StreamingAssets\CrossPlatform\CuraEngine\Config\snap3d_all.def

If you edit that file and add towards the bottom:
"fill_outline_gaps": {
"default_value": true
so it looks something like this:

Then it will print thin walls just like you can in cura.

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