Coronavirus 冠状病毒

I am only writing this because my buddy recently received a butterfly knife shipped from China and was contacted buy the seller due to the coronavirus outbreak in and around Wuhan, China. The seller directed my buddy to take the product received to the nearest post office to have the product quarantined.

I do not expect my Snapmaker 2 to come with the added gift of the coronavirus, however I would like to be assured that SM understands the issue and is able to adequately negate the possibility of spreading the virus. @Rainie

According to World Health Organisation and recent researches, Coronavirus which is in the same family as MERS and SARS as well as common flu, its spread through respiratory droplets (such as cough and sneezes).

Although it is not yet known how long the virus might survive outside human body, but the common cold virus (which is also a coronavirus) can last a couple of hours to maybe a couple of days depending on temperature etc. so contracting the disease through post is unlikely.

I was in HK during SARS, which was a more deadly than coronavirus !
Sanosil S010 is also a proven disinfectant, if you want to give the package a good wipe down.(dilute according to manufacture)

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But only in close contact. It is not airborne.

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Also- UV is pretty good about breaking down viruses. Natural sunlight or a UV light are probably what I would use were I concerned about fomites.

SARS Coronavirus was more deadly but not as infectious as nCoV2019 coronavirus aka ‘Not Currently an Official Virus as of 2019.’:wink:

A virus does not live for ever without a host.

Current estimates are a Coronavirus can live for up to 9 days on surfaces like metal or plastic.

for latest info Ref:

But the average life outside of a host is 4-5 days.

There has been a released study that details life of the organism outside of a body. The gestation period in which it takes to no longer be communicable(or die on the surface of a product or material) is 9 days.

Hi, there is some information on the WHO official website and under their Q&A section, one of the frequently asked questions is: Is it safe to receive a package from China or any other place where the virus has been identified?

The answer goes “Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.” Hope this eases your concerns at least a little bit :slight_smile: