Connecting Snapmaker 2.0 A350 to Astrobox

I recently purchased an Astrobox and would like to connect it to my Snapmaker 2.0 A350, which is not in the list of supported printers. Could somebody please provide instructions/guidance as to how to connect this printer to Astrobox?

Not familiar with an Astrobox, but SM is a Marlin based device and responds to G-code commands via USB serial and WiFi.

I’d recommend that you start with looking for other Marlin based devices and see what the instructions for those are.

I doubt that it will work without specific customisation, but that should get you started.

You should also contact the manufacturer of Astrobox directly with the same question.

Many thanks @ITmaze for your advice. I managed to establish the connection eventually.

For anyone else that may have the same issue, the relevant settings in Astrobox are:

DRIVER: GCODE - Marlin/Repetier Firmware
BAUD RATE: 115200

Looks like its a raspberry pi

i am in the middle of setting up a pi to use the octoprint which is probably similar

Hi, I’m trying to connect an Astribox to my Snapmaker 2.0 A250. I can’t seem to get it to accept the serial USB input. Baud rate and software type input was no problem. Wondering what I might be doing wrong.Did you contact AstroPrint directly? Thanks in advance.

I didn’t contact Astroprint directly but I raised a query on Astroprint forum ( I didn’t receive any replies, but the issue was resolved (with the settings quoted above) so I didn’t pursue it any further.

Thanks, I saw your post on the forum as well. I am having difficulty getting the Astrobox to recognize the USB connection. I am using a dual male USB cable and using one of the ports on the side of the box. Is this incorrect? Sorry to be a simpleton about this but there were no diagrams indicating where inputs and outputs should be on the box. There is a port next to the power cable that is not USB. Is this the port I should be using and if so, what sort of cable should I use? I really appreciate your help.

PS-I contacted Astroprint directly and hit a brick wall. “No support for Snapmaker” was the reply from my query.

Here is a photo of my Astrobox setup. One of the USB ports on the right-hand side is used to connect the USB cable (which should have been included in the Snapmaker package) from the controller of the Snapmaker to the Astrobox. The other USB port is used for a camera that I use to monitor any job’s progress.

sounds like our own support team

are you using the Micro USB on the snapmaker controller? I can tell you that is important, the USB A is only for file transfer.

Thanks so much for your reply and the photo. I had pretty much given up. I think I did have it set up incorrectly-using the USB on the controller that I normally would use for a thumb drive to transfer files. My machine is at my workspace and I will relook tomorrow. I sure would love to use it, preferably with the Prusa slicer if possible. Again many thanks and apologies for my delayed reply.