Compensation on dimensional accuracy for holes and rods


I have recently upgrades to firmware Snapmaker-GD32Base-2.8 without looking at the current version I had on my printer, thinking I would get improvements regardless and since the upgrade I have dimensional accuracy issues on holes and rods. I have printed test cubes and the print dimensionally perfect within very acceptable tolerances of 0.03 of the drawing dimensions. I’ve also checked the filament and tested the extruder calibration, near perfect.

On holes and rods I get a rod of 7.75 when I print 8mm and the holes smaller by a similar amount. There are lot of articles describing this problem and solution in third party slicers to set a value to compensate inner hole dimensions while not affection outer dimensions, how do I handle this in Snapmakerjs?



I’m running firmware 2.6, slicing with Snapmaker JS 2.5.4, and haven’t encountered that issue. I did have a bit of problems with the first layer squishing out (I think the term is “elephant’s foot”?), but that was easy to clean up. My build plate cover required fairly accurate prints, and I’m happy with the results.

I only have a set of analog calipers though, so I can’t measure to 0.03mm.

Firmware 2.6 -> 2.8 was mostly about fixing enclosure issues. I downloaded 2.11, but haven’t wanted to spend the time recalibrating.