Comments on Luban 4.0 User Guide

Last week I updated my A350 to the Luban 4.0.1 software and since much in the interface had changed I spent some time reviewing the new (August 23) version of the User Manual.

I admit that I have only reviewed sections 1, 2 & 3, so this review is not complete but wanted to share some thoughts on this new manual:

  • Section 2.2.3 – in the table for “To view the transformation of 3D objects” the mouse icon shows the left mouse button pressed but the description says “Right-click the object while you rotate it”. This should be “Left-click …”

  • Section 3.5.1 – why are all of the images in this section upside down? That is not what you will see when you import an object. Just rotate them 180 degrees.

  • Section 3.5.2 - Middle Pane - Line Type – the manual shows for each line type the checkbox first, then the line type, then the colored box for that line type. But the software shows colored box first, then line type, then checkbox.

  • Section 3.7 - Slice - Flow – two images are shown but no description of which is 100%. Yes, it would seem obvious, but why not label each image so there’s no question?

  • Section 3.7.3 - Printing Settings - Shell – two images for wall thickness are shown. How about marking one “N=3” and the other “N=6” as an example?

  • Section 3.7.3 - Printing Setting - Heated Bed Adhesion Types – here three images are shown, but no description. A simple label for each image would avoid confusion.

  • Section 3.7.3 - Printing Settings - Infill - Infill Patterns – here again, there are multiple images shown but no description for each image. Are you challenging us to guess which one matches up with the list of patterns above it?

  • Section 3.7.3 - Printing Settings - Support - Support Patterns – None of the four types of support patterns are identified.

  • Section 3.9.3 - Start Printing via Touchscreen - Option 1 – there’s a step missing here. After clicking on “Send to Device via Wi-Fi”, the touchscreen shows a “Got it” dialog when the file is received. Press that button, THEN press the Disconnect > Start > Local and find the file.

None of these items are earth shattering, but could make the User Manual easier for a first time user to follow.