COM port disconnects when job completed 3.9.0

As a new user with a newly assembled A350. My first test has been with the laser module. I have noticed that when starting a project from the LUBAN software, that when the project is completed, the COM port is disconnected.

This means I have to shut down the A350 power supply and then restart. This is a royal PITA, because I need re-calibrate and then re-set the work origin. To cut the same project again.

I’ve gotten the copy of 3.10.0 from GITHUB, but have not loaded it yet. If someone knows that this was fixed, I can just upgrade the LUBAN software. However, I have no upgraded the LUBAN since I couldn’t find a reference in the 3.10.0 notes about the fix for this problem. I am a really OG, so maybe I missed something when reading with my trifocals? :slight_smile: