CNC carving on silver


Has anybody used the CNC system on cutting or profiling silver


I haven’t, so I was hoping somebody else would chime in.

Silver and Gold aren’t too much harder/tougher than wood. According to this article, wood and metal have different hardness scales. But the first comment makes sense to me, and puts 14 caret gold at a similar hardness to plywood. So the CNC module should be able to handle the load.

I found a professional forum where somebody asked a similar question, and a lot of the comments offer good suggestions.

If you’ve got an efficient way to collect the shavings, I’d give it a try. You’ll probably void your warranty, but I think it’ll work.

If I was being extra cautious, I’d reduce the step down distance and all of the speeds. Lowering the speed will cut less material each pass, putting less stress on the cutting motor. An experienced CNC operator can read a cut by the sound, and the size and color of the chips. You won’t have that experience yet, so slower is better.