CNC Carved Box Lid

I used Snapmaker 2.0 to CNC carve the lid for this box, as well as the beading on the top edges.

At 10"x12", this was just about as large a project as my A350 could handle (at least in the X and Y axes).


Nice work! :smile:

@gbeeton Could you please share the setting and the G-code file here? Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure I want to post the G-code, but I will share some of the setup details.

I designed the project in Sketchup and then imported the .stl into Fusion 360 to generate the G-code in 3 passes. The 1st was a pocket clearing pass using an 1/8" flat end mill to clear the bulk of the waste. The 2nd was a parallel finishing pass using an 1/8" ball end mill to smooth the surface. The 3rd was a pencil pass using an 1/8" flat end mill to square up the rabbets at the edges of the lid.

That left me with a bit of sanding to clean up the tool marks:

I am a newbie at CNC milling and Fusion 360, so I have no doubt that someone with more experience could have could have produced a cleaner finish requiring less sanding!

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