CNC bits Dremel?

Has anyone used the 3.2 shank Dremel bits in there CNC module ??

What are you trying to do with them? And which ones? There are hundreds of different ones.
Most dremel bits aren’t made for cnc.
They’re meant to be used with a handheld device and the cutting profiles are wrong.
Technically there’s no reason you can’t use them depending on what you’re trying to do. You might have success with them, but you’ll have much better results using the right bits. There are plenty of good cheap bits on amazon and ebay.


I believe it would work with 3.2mm shaft.

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if you use the 1/8 collet… you may able to hold it… but with dremel tool bits you only can work on the side of the material, which sometimes i guess come handy… like sending , polishing :thinking::man_shrugging: one time we used the dremel tool to side cut the groves in the material, so we can use the clamps away from the surface area… it worked, but we did destroyed the dremel tool in the process :man_facepalming::joy: